The boise St. Paddy Day Half K - Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Fourth Annual St. Paddy Day HALF K, second boise edition. Why Do it?

A fun run.
Go to Because, Fun. That’s Why.

Because, Fun. That’s Why.

Long races take a lot of time. Small races also take a lot of time. Micro runs. That’s where it’s at. So, you’ll get the full race experience – BIBS, WATER STATIONS, MEDALS, MUSIC, RANDOM ACTIVITIES, etc, but without having to sacrifice a whole day.



We think Boise is a pretty neat place. The only way to have a thriving community is to take care of it. This ridiculous race is how we are going to try to do it. It’s also a relatively family-friendly event.

Go to Fundraising, the Fast Way.

Fundraising, the Fast Way.

We want to raise $2,000 for The Idaho Foodbank. A fast race, a fast time, a fast fundraiser. This seemed to make the most sense, especially since we have to get back to our houses to play x-box.

Online registration has closed. We will have day-of registration at the door.

Fundraising Focus: The Idaho Foodbank

$2,000 in 2 Hours.
The Goal is to Raise $2,000 in 2 Hours for The Idaho Foodbank

Boise is home to some pretty incredible organizations that support the community. The Idaho Foodbank is one of those organizations. The St. Paddy Day Half K is designed to help support the efforts of the food bank. Register Now.

  • $1,542 of $2,000

  • 80 of 300

  • 01

  • 99.5%

St Paddy Day Half K Boise Sponsors

All the businesses that said yes to this idea.

Road ID
Rad Race Bibs

Wiseguy Pizza Pie
Helping us raise some dough via pizza, beer & location

The Idaho Foodbank
Feeding people in Idaho

Downtown Boise Association
Promoting Boise, offering advice on event stuff

Shadows Embroidery
Provider of awesome shirts

Stein Distributing
IHB beer provider in Boise

Zumba Boise

Helping us dance our pants off as a warm up

Guess When Celtic Rock
Provider of live musical entertainment

City of Boise
Decider of events

Porta Pros

Helping you find relief when you most need it.

Even Stevens

A sandwich shop that gives back.

Left Handed Body Art

Providing face painting services. Get your face painted!

If you still have questions, email us at Otherwise, Register Now.

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